Navigation Tools in Microsoft Outlook

The Outlook is Efficiently Positive! Let's explore Microsoft Outlook’s navigation tools and other features to more efficiently access Outlook data such as Appointments, Meetings, Contacts, and Email Groups. Here are several of my favorite “tools.” The Outlook Navigation Pane, used to “manage” … [Read more...]

Featured iPad and iPhoto App

          Compatible iPhone Versions: 4 or Later Compatible iPad Versions: 2 or Later Edit and add effects to the Apple iPhone and iPad photos using iPhoto. Enhance colors in photos with iPhoto. Another great feature is the Thumbnail Scroll which lets … [Read more...]

Computer Hardware Recycling

When Disposing of an Old Computer |  Take great care to remove all your data and destroy the data on the computer to remove information related to your identity including credit card and username/password information. . Double check the data transfer from the old computer to the new computer. … [Read more...]