Apple iCloud Manage Your Content, Part 2

Apple iCloud Tutorial, Part 2

Sync My Data

Apple iCloud How To Synch My Dat

Apple iCloud sign in

Sign in with Apple ID and Apple ID Password

Apple iCloud sign in, part2

Where Do I Find My Content

Apple FeatureiPad/iPod/iPhone LocationComputer Location
(Windows &/Or MAC)
MusicMusic (App)iTunes
PhotosPhotos (Albums & Photo Streams)Computer or Libraries
Photos or
Pictures/Photo Stream
Safari BookmarksSafari App/Bookmarks or Reading ListSafari (MAC)
Find My iPhone
(iOS Device)
Download App (all iOS Devices) My Phone/iPad*
iBooksiBooksUnavailable on Windows or MAC Computers
iWorkPages/Numbers/KeynoteMAC Software
Unavailable on Windows

*Turn on Location Services in order to take advantage of Find My iDevice

iTunes Music

Computer Application •  iTunes • Recently Purchased Song

Apple iCloud iTunes

iPad/iPhone App: Music/Store/PurchasedDownload from Cloud Recent Purchases
Requires iTunes
Enable iBooks in Edit/Preferences Menu


iPad/iPhone/iPadWindows ComputerMAC iPhoto
Photo Stream
Photo Stream

iCloud Photos

Windows Computer Photo Stream(s)

Windows Computer Photo Stream

Captures ALL Photos from iOS Devices and All Photo Streams Created and Shared


Sharing Books Across iOS Devices
Apple iCloud Sharing Books

iPad 1 • iPad 3 • iPad Mini • iPhone 5

Apple iCloud Sharing Books
iPad Settings • iBooks • Sync Bookmarks
Requires iTunes
Enable iBooks in Edit/Preferences Menu


Sync Purchased iPad/iPhone/iPod Apps Across iOS Devices
NOTE: Purchased Apps are synched automatically across iPad/iPhone/iPod Devices; not MAC or Windows computers.

Apple iCloud Apps

MAC iOS iCloud Resources

iCloud Setup:
iTunes: for Music, Apps, and Books
iCloud Features: Features
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